Audience member has heard the same pieces performed by more famous people

Undergraduate student Angela Martelare has just finished playing a lunchtime recital at a small but enthusiastic concert society, in London's zone 9.

She is ready to get changed and take the 3 hour trip to her afternoon teaching, when she is interpolated by erudite audience member and classical music aficionado James Ferguson III, who insists on naming all the famous pianists he has heard in the past month. "Oh yes - he says - your Schumann Fantasy today was great, but did you know I heard Yuja Wang playing it at the Barbican the other day? And the week before that I travelled to Switzerland to hear Sokolov play the Beethoven Sonata you performed today, and next week..."

Angela insists that she has to hurry, as she is worried about missing the train which runs every 30 minutes, and having to spend two thirds of her fee on an Uber. Mr Ferguson finally lets her get on with her day, but not before mentioning three more successful pianists he knows, from the same country as the protagonist of today's concert.

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