Musicians potentially able to travel in time, scientists believe

Several recent reports from London musicians have reopened fascinating conversation among scientists about time travel through so-called “wormholes”.

Josh Procrasteansen, a young freelance violinist, has claimed multiple bizarre occurrences of time compression. In one instance, he says “I was just travelling back from an early afternoon gig in South London, the trip back to my place should have taken roughly 1 hour according to Citymapper. On my way back I decided to pop into Sainsbury’s and check if I needed anything. After looking at some of the aisles for what felt like a few seconds, I came out without having bought anything and carried on my way home. However, I noticed it was now dark outside, and by the time I finally arrived back it was past midnight.”

Other occurrences seem to indicate time-travels of a few days, or even weeks at a time. That is the case for example with an email (one of many) which Alex, a freelance composer, put aside for a couple of days before replying. At the end of the “couple of days” the email was suddenly three weeks old. He explained in his eventual reply that he simply had “no idea when the three weeks went by”.

Sceptical voices have suggested that these reports may not be quite what they seem, as both Josh and Alex, although gifted musicians, are not the best time managers, frequently not even being aware what day of the week it is. However, the scientific community continues to investigate these phenomena.

So far, the time portals have only worked one way, into the future. If it were possible to use them to travel back to the past, Josh would use that as an opportunity to finish that “bloody application in time, two weeks ago”.

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