Pianist focuses on philosophical meaning of first notes, fails to notice accidentals

Young pianist Pawel Contestantsky has spent weeks, if not months, pondering on the philosophical and existential meaning of the first two notes of the large-scale Romantic Sonata/Fantasy he was preparing, unfortunately failing to notice two flats and a natural a few pages later.

When interviewed, Pawel explained: "You have to understand that the first note of this piece, in a way, encompasses the whole of human existence, in fact it could even make us think much further, to the beginnings of life itself, from the emergence of the first protocells billions of years ago. That is way it is so crucial to get just the right balance and pedalling, and why so many lessons, masterclasses and hours of practice have been spent on that. Unfortunately it came at the expense of more prosaic things such as accidentals".

Fortunately for Pawel, the very few people who would watch a classical performance on Youtube and make it past the first minute, also tend to be some of the more sympathetic listeners.

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