Pianist performs La Campanella, breaks neck

Pianist Pablo Tremores has been suffering from high levels of performance anxiety and stage fright for years. One of the devices used by his teacher to build his confidence, was drawing his attention to the “minimal” risks involved in piano playing. “Think about it...no one dies, no one gets injured! It’s just music!” she used to tell him.

Recently, Pablo had finally gathered enough courage to programme Liszt’s La Campanella in one of his recitals. Unfortunately, things took a dark turn as the pianist didn’t quite get one of the high D sharps, which caused him to completely lose his balance, slip off the piano bench, and eventually land in the stalls, on an unsuspecting member of the audience.

Luckily, both Mr Tremores and the audience member would be able to recover fully, after several weeks of medical attention. The idea that playing virtuoso piano works is ultimately a safe activity, however, may sadly never recover after this traumatising accident.

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